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Hi All, 


I have added project for web as an unmanaged solution in our non default environment, the question if i create a separate unmanaged solution, how can i modify it so that any new projects which are created are saved in separate tables instead of saving it the same data verse tables? is there a way to customize the default tables? 

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Why would you want to do this just out of interest? If you do this, you would also have to find a way of editing the project for the web application so that it would pull Projects from another table. you would also have to recreate exactly all the relationships to the other tables (ie tasks are not saved to msdyn_projects, they are saved to msdyn_projecttasks, so you would need to recreate this connection and all the others that contribute to a project in PftW). It would be a considerable undertaking that I don't see much benefit in doing to be honest.

Hi @biggie1224 , I agree with what @Domlit said, I don't see what you are trying to archive here? What is the issue you are trying to solve? I wouldn't attempt to do it even if it was possible, which I don't think it is.

may be i should have explained clearly, my bad , thats on me, so we have a separate solution created and added the unmanaged solution of the app to it , and our team is using it. We have a end user who is interested to use this app , we dont want his projects to get saved into the same tables . so we are trying to create a separate instance for him. Does this make sense?
Easiest way to achieve this is just to add another environment, redeploy the customer solution ontop of the project app on that other environment. If you are a power apps admin its quite simple to do.

@Domlit not in different environment, I wanted to have separate instance for the user in the same environment, meaning all his project data will be saved to different tables than our team, this is what i am trying to achieve. 

then you would have to somehow change the unmanaged solution you have created, to have the same functionality of the original app, but with relationships/flows/forms all pointing to different tables. It would be a massive undertaking, with no guarantee that it would work IMHO. I would say setup a support ticket, but I imagine they won't support someone messing around with the Core PftW application that is usually a managed solution (in all my envs sandbox, dev or prod its a managed solution). hope that helps.
What do you expect to gain from having a second instance in the same environment, which I doubt Microsoft will allow?