Project Accelerator - Roadmaps or Programs

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Accelerator introduces the idea of grouping projects into programs, where there are clear relationships. Does this feature replace the Roadmap capability that is in the version of the Project Environment that precedes Accelerator?
If so, if an Accelerator environment replaces one which uses Roadmaps, are the project->roadmap relationships retained (and simply mapped to the Program field?)

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Hello @IainWooldridge ,

The Roadmap app is a separate app, this is used to visualise the key dates for a collection of projects. There is no link between the Program field and the Roadmap data. 


Hi @Paul Mather 


So where can I get the Roadmap app so that it's included in the environment in which I'm running P4tW + Accelerator? I am presuming that it's the Portfolio Service which I can see in the default environment...


Many thanks

Hello @IainWooldridge ,

Yes that will the Portfolio service running in the default instance: 

If you aren't familiar with Roadmap, this might help: