Print a Gantt chart for all Projects for a specific Resource

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We are using Project Online and would like to be able to do a large format print of a Gantt chart showing tasks from all projects for our Manufacturing team.


I've looked at having a master project and then filtering tasks by resource, but this seems like a lot of extra work to maintain and also carries some risk from what I've read.


Is there another option?



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Edwin --

I can think of two other options that will not require the use of a master project. One option would be to ask your Power BI report author to create a resource assignments report that shows the project work for each resource. And ask your report author to include a filter in the report so that you can select the resource(s) whose assignments you want to see.

The other option would be to navigate to the Resource Center page in PWA, to select the name of the resource in question, and then click the Resource Assignments button in the Resources ribbon. On the Resource Assignments page for this resource, click the Gantt Chart button at the left end of the Assignments ribbon to display the Gantt Chart view.

Just a couple of ideas for you. Hope this helps.
Hi Dale,
Thanks for responding.
The key thing here is to be able to get a large format print (A1 / A0) of a Gantt to put on the wall.
I've tried both of your suggestions and unfortunately there is no way of printing a Gantt.
I'm going to do some testing of my own on master projects.