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Recently we noticed a strange phenomenon on our Project Server. Indeed, when we use a Sharepoint administrative restore (custom field or resource and calendar) we notice that the odata views in the Project database have disappeared.

We then recreate these views manually and when we redo the backup and restore operation via Sharepoint administrative restore the phenomenon starts again.

We analyzed all the logs, all the possibilities (by deleting all the projects, by deleting the custom fields, by deleting the resources, ...) and we find absolutely nothing.

Can anyone help us?
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Hello @AdrienPirson ,

What version of Project Server are you using and what is the build version / patch level for Project Server? 


@Paul Mather 


MS Project 2019 on premice

Hello @AdrienPirson ,

Running the Repair-SPProjectWebInstance <PWA URL> -RepairRule 7 should fix it: 

It will be worth reviewing the latest patches for PS 2019 for a fix that might prevent this happening again: 


Hello Paul Mather

Thank you very much for the patch links because I tested with a blank install and I have the same problem. So I think it's a Project bug and I need to find a fix or an update to prevent it from coming back.

For the Repair, I have already tried and it does not work, I rebuild the views manually. But thanks again.
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Hello @AdrienPirson ,

If you are on the latest patches and it still occurs, I would recommend opening a support query with Microsoft.

Many thanks