Project Server 2013 -> 2019 Migration - No Project Web App instances found error

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the midst of a Project Server 2013 ->2016 ->2019 migration. Upgrade to Project Server 2016 went smooth, PWA is reachable and all data seems to be there.


Continued with the upgrade steps to Project Server 2019 as described in the MS Docs. Again marked as successful (with a couple of more warning though than on the 2013 -> 2016 migration, but at first nothing to worry). Then opening the PWA and trying to access Project Center or PWA Settings (or other core Project functionalities) gives the following error message: "No Project web app instances found. Create at least one PWA instance before accessing this page". In Central Admin in the Project Service the PWA does not show up.


Following this post I tried to enable the pwasite feature, but got the message it already is enabled. So went through the ULS logs and found the following entry: 

"Cannot create a Platform Context object. Exception was "Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.ProjectInstanceNotFoundException: No rows in MSP_WEB_ADMIN table for the site collection. Possibly PWA was not provisioned or it is deleted"

So I checked the pub.MSP_Web_ADMIN table on 2016 for the migrated Content Database - it had 1 entry. Then checked the migrated Content Database on 2019 - no entry.


Just being curious, I inserted the entry from 2016 into 2019 (I know, not supported) - and indeed the error message concerning No PWA instances is gone and the PWA shows up in the Project Service. However, I receive a lot of other weird issues now and I guess this is because of some of the entries in the table simply not matching correctly for 2019.

BUT: Anyone knows, why the entry possibly did disappear during upgrade from 2016->2019? How can I upgrade this PWA successfully?

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We did not find a solution on the issue. Several runs were showing the same behaviour. On a final test we did a fresh backup of the 2016 database and with this it was suddenly working - the PWA was opening as expected.