MS Project professional VS Plan 1 VS Plan 3

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Hi All,

We are presently using Project standard 2016 that has worked well until now with a single scheduler. Due to an upcoming major project we will require 3 schedulers building and updating the schedule concurrently. Basis different sources have gathered that we would need to upgrade the current Project standard to Project Plan 3 if we need the 3 schedulers to work concurrently on the project.

Q1. Any tips and advises basis experiences of others on how well does Project Plan 3 respond if there are about 10,000 task lines and real time concurrent build/updating.

Q2. Can project managers view the schedule in real time while the schedulers are working on it? Does the Plan 3 license restrict the no. of users who can see the schedule in "read only" mode.

Q3. Does Project Plan 3 need any other software as well to work such as Office 365, etc.
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Hello @KeshavK2375 ,

Only Project for the web supports co-authoring - where multiple users can edit the same project at the same time, this is a Plan 1 feature: Note that there is a 500 task per project limitation in Project for the web: Is it possible to split that large project schedule up in to more manageable project schedules / work packages with less tasks etc.?


Project Online doesn't support co-authoring but would support your 10,000 tasks in one project plan if that was really required.



@Paul Mather Thanks for your reply. I weighed the option to use sub-projects on the standard version but because of the several interlinks and 3 planners working it there are chances of some of the links breaking up and it also doesn't allow co-authoring. To answer your question, there will be around 7000 tasks as a minimum, so will have to find a solution that works. I was recommended that MS Project Plan 3 would meet this requirement but have no personal experience.