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hello All,

what is the best way to introduce the concept of group and subgroup for the resources in Project?

For example, we have 2 subgroups:

subgroup 1 for Sw engineers (5 persons), named SWE in resources sheet, column group

subgroup 2 for HW engineers ( 3 persons), named HWE in resources sheet, in column group


I intend to introduce the parent group, Electr, that includes the groups SWE and HWE.

In this way I have different view of evaluation of resources:

high level, Electr vs mechan

detailed level SWE and HWE

The OBS should be: Electr ( SWE, HWE) + Mechan (team1, team2, etc) +etc



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Demetrio --

You could create a custom resource Outline Code field this purpose. When you are creating the new Outline Code field, but sure to build the Code Mask to describe the levels of indenture in the Outline Code field. After doing this, you can enter the values in the list and indent the relevant items one or more levels to show groups and subgroups. Hope this helps.
Hello Dale,
I tried your proposal . It is works and it is simple fo a single project.
In case we have a grandparent project that include thres projects (by subprojects) and each of them includes additional subprojects, with separate resource management, is it possible? Or Do we need to move to a global resources management and introduce the custom resource outline code at global level?
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demetrio61 --

If you are not using Project Online or Microsoft Project Server, you would need to create a shared resource pool file. In that file, you would need to add the custom Outline Code field, along with all of your resources. Hope this helps.