MS Project ##### Issue

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Very frustrating issue with MS project, all of a sudden my milestone tasks have ##### and the overall look of my MS project has changed. 

This does not happen to others when they open my programe, tried uninstalling project and this did not work. This is happening to any programme i open now

Please help....





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What happens if you expand the Duration field column? In the back of my mind I seem to recall another user who had an issue similar to yours (i.e. string of #####) but I'm not sure I can even find that post.
I notice all the task lines with the issue are in red font indicating you customized either the Text Style for milestones or the Task font for those lines. Does the issue go away if you change those lines to the default Calibri 11 font?

Double click in between your Start/Finish columns and see what happens or widen up the column to see what data is actually there.