Initializing Choice Tables with an Excel sheet ?

Laurent PIGEON
Occasional Contributor

Hello all, 

Do you know if there is a way to insert values in a Choice Table (for custom fields) by using an Excel sheet ? 


I did not see  any option in PWA giving access to such a functionality, and the form is very "hard" to manage (one line at a time, no copy paste allowed , !!!) 


Thank you ! 



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Depending on the levels in your lookup table values, copying from Excel when a single level is used using IE11 in to the lookup table value column works fine. Not sure what issues you are seeing? I know in Chrome it puts all the values in one row but it works fine in IE11.



Hi Paul, 


I guess you are right : I only tred using XHrome, but not using IE11. 

I will try and tell you. 



Hi Laurent,

Did this work for you using IE 11?


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