Hiding Project costs for Project manager

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Hello all, 

For a customer, we need to set MS PROJECT Online with Portfolio Managers and Project Managers.

- Portfolio Managers need to manage the project's costs, using MS Project Cost functionnalities. However,

- Project Manager need to manage the whole project (ie. tasks, planning, resources, work efforts, follow up) but with no access to Cost information.


How can i set this ? 

Is there a specific feature for "filtering" such information, using the Sharepoint Security Groups ?  


Thank you,   


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Hi Laurent,


If the PM has edit access to the project, they can see / update costs to. If you limited them to only edit project plans in Project Online PWA and you were using the Project Permission mode you could ensure they only have access to Project PWA views that had no costs fields included. But if they are editing projects via Project Desktop they will be able to edit local views and see / edit all fields.



Hello Paul, 

Thank you very much, 

The point is that our prospect comes from a solution where costs were hidden to project managers, and displayed for service managers. 

So this might represent a regression for them, using MS Project. 


Any idea to manage costs "outside" MS Project ? 

Perhaps using Power BI capabilities  ?


Thank you



So you could use the Project permission mode, prevent Project Managers connecting using Project Desktop so that they only use PWA to edit / view projects in views where cost columns are not displayed then Service Managers use Project Desktop and or PWA to view / edit projects and have view in PWA that display costs?


There are plenty of options for handling costs outside of project but it really depends on the business requirements. You could build something in SharePoint lists on the associated project site, build something in PowerApps (model or canvas) or build an application in Azure and store the data in an Azure SQL DB. 


Hello Paul, 

Thank you for the tips.

As far as i know, my client needs some kind of light reporting for costs budgeting around projects. 

So handling costs outside of project may be the best solution. 




If it is high level project costs then that would be fairly easy to build a solution outside of Project, even using something as simple as a SharePoint list on the Project Sites etc.