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yash dutt
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Hi All,


I am new to Project Management as I have started a new role as a Project Lead and this is all new to me coming from a tester background.


I have been tasked with finding a way on MS Project to show tasks that are due in 30 60 and 90 days, however I have no ideas. I was wondering if anyone has a way of doing this on a existing project.


any other advice is welcome...


Thank you All!!


Yash Dutt

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You can do a 30, 60 day look up


I use this flag and view for a 4 week look ahead


Create a Flag custom field with the following formula (you can change the 4 weeks)


IIf(([Start]>=DateAdd("ww",-1,[Status Date]) And [Start]<=DateAdd("ww",4,[Status Date])) Or ([Finish]>=DateAdd("ww",-1,[Status Date]) And [Finish]<=DateAdd("ww",4,[Status Date])),Yes,No)


4 week look ahead.PNG


didn't work.  any hints? 

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