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We were using IE for the filtering of Projects/ Approvals/ Timesheets for Project Web App. Using other browsers including Edge, the filtering wouldn't get saved. We need to apply filters again. So IE was helpful because the filters used to get saved. 

With IE retiring now, is there any solution for saving the filters on other browsers?




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Hello @Amitwairkar ,

I'm using Edge (Chrome) and this works fine in Project Online. Are you using an older version of Project Server on-prem?


@Paul Mather I am using PS 2019 ver. On project online its working for me.

Hello @Amitwairkar ,

Do you have all the latest updates on the PS2019 farm? If so, you might need to open a support case with Microsoft to see what they say.


Will try patching the Server and then check. Else will raise a support case. Thanks!!