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Hi all,


I'm configuring a project detail page for an enterprise project type.

I've created a custom field which shows choices from a lookup table like this. You can see that the lookup table contains choices in 2 levels




I put this custom field in the PDP page to capture new project information



Our users expect that when we check the box of a level-1 choice, all the choices in level 2 should be auto selected. But it doesn't work that way, user still has to manually select each choice in level 2 which can be time consuming. We are planning to create a similar custom field which contain like 10+ choices so we want it to be easy.


Please kindly advise how can I solve this?


Thank you very much in advance.






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Hello @Nichanal_ov ,

Unfortunately the multi select lookup fields do not work like that, as you have seen, users have to select each value.