Any documentation for Assignments Page - Project for Web

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Loving all the new features for Project for web, i just cant work out how the assignments page is supposed to work though. 


I would like it to allocate just the appropriate amount of hours for each person and extend the delivery dates out .. so it can be used as a scheduling tool. 


Currently it just allocates me to hundreds of hours in the first day when i assign multiple tasks to one person. When i edit the amount of hours allocated to a person to 8 for that day.. it changes the total duration to 8.. which seems very strange to me.


Is there any documentation on how this is supposed to be used?

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@Glenn_Sweeney - Review this doc Scheduling modes in Microsoft Project for the web - Microsoft Support  The other challenge is when multiple users are assigned to a task the hours (complete, remaining and total) are distributed evenly across all assigned resources.

Thanks so much for this... i cannot change the schedule mode as its locked .. so its always locked on Fixed Duration, whereas id like to change it to fixed effort. I have found where to set this in the app now.. but what role or right is required in order to change these parameters .. ie for the "Schedule Mode" or "Project Level Schedule Mode Override Permitted" 

Also what is "Unit" in project for web?

Are you using this in the default environment or in a different environment?

Yes it is in the default environment. 


So a Unit is a person im guessing as i can see thats how its defined in a normal Microsoft Project.