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When I add people to a specific plan, it automatically adds them to all my other plans under that group. Is there a way to invite people to single plans only? Do I have to create new groups for each event/plan? My job is currently in the early stages of adopting planner. As a result, admin has turned off new group creation without going through a request creating multiple new groups could be tedious!

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@margaretdodge unfortunately, that's how Planner was designed and the Dev team has made zero indications that they're planning to change this anytime soon :sad:


  • You must be a M365 Group member to view and edit a board
  • All group members have access to ALL plans within the group; you cannot limit access on a user-by-user basis
  • There are virtually no data-loss prevention tools within Planner;  that means if someone edits or deletes tasks, lists or entire boards - you are SOL.

My recommendation is to look at Microsoft Lists to manage your projects if you need to manage permissions.  Either that or a 3rd-party tool. 


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  I wish Planner was better than this but it simply isn't and quite frankly, I'm starting to think it never will be.