Expanding the copy plan and filtering features based on your suggestions

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Coming hot off our last Planner roundup at the end of May, we’re excited to announce two new features that rolled out in June: copy plan to an existing group or team and task filtering for iOS. Both have been frequent asks on Planner UserVoice, and both are now generally available to all Planner users.


Copy plan to an existing group or team

Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams are fantastic hubs for collaborating with your team. But in the words of one UserVoice commenter, “Group sprawl” is real. The more you use Groups and Teams, the more groups and teams you need to manage. Before today, copying a Planner plan created a new group, adding to that sprawl. But now, you can copy your plans to an existing group or team to streamline your workflow. This release also lets you choose which parts of your plan to copy over.


(Quick side note: Office 365 Groups is being renamed to Microsoft 365 Groups. You can read about this change, which is happening over time, here.)


To copy a plan, start in the Planner hub and select the ellipses “…” in a plan box. Then, select Copy plan. You can also copy a plan from with the plan itself by selecting the ellipses near the top of the window. This brings you to a redesigned pop-out for choosing the destination group or team and the elements of the plan you’d like to duplicate: priority, dates, description, checklist, and labels. You can only copy over attachments to the group or team in which the current plan exists. There’s still the option to copy a plan to a new group, too.




Your copied plan will automatically appear under Recent plans and be associated with the group or team you selected.


One known issue with this feature is that users who don't have permissions to create groups can't copy plans, even if they are just copying it to an existing group. We’ve since resolved the issue internally and will be rolling out the fix soon. UPDATEThis issue is now fixed. You can now copy plans even if you don't have permissions to create groups in Microsoft 365 Groups.


Task filtering for iOS

Filtering in the Planner web experience makes it easy to quickly find tasks using keywords or premade filters, like Priority and Assignment. To bring greater parity to the mobile experience, we’ve added keyword filtering for task titles and assignees to the Planner app on iOS. Using the new keyword filter bar (i.e., the magnifying glass icon at the top of the Board view), you can surface relevant tasks from the Board view and My Tasks view.




We developed both features in response to your feedback on UserVoice, so please continue to drop us suggestions for improving your Planner experience. As always, keep checking our Tech Community for the latest Planner news.


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Great features. Thank you very much...but please consider to enable this function even if the permission to create new groups is deactivated. My company deactivated the creation of new groups due to concerns of clutter. If I would like to copy my "template" plan to an already existing group, I cant't due to the aforementioned missing permission.

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Yes, i need the copy plan to existing group as well.  

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We have the same problem as @thomgr . Users do not have permission to create groups


@thomgr @Joseph Halpy this is a known issue that we're rolling out coverage for as noted in the blog - we'll update the blog once we have it updated for everyone! 

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@jackieduong Hi! Copying a plan is great! I'd love to be able to have 'Assignment' show up as an option to copy individual task assignments as well when copying a plan. Ideally this function would be allowed for copying a plan to a new team/group where the assignees are current members, however, I hope it could be added especially when copying a plan within the same group. Without this function, I feel that there are significant limitations for individuals to manage their tasks through the 'my tasks' function and Tasks in Teams app when tasks expand across plans in new teams/groups; I'd love to be able to take full advantage of those resources! When plans contain more than a few tasks, it takes more time than its worth to re-assign all tasks - we've had to resort to using labels instead. Appreciate any assistance you can provide! If I'm missing something, can you please point me in the right direction? 

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@jackieduong ; When copying a plan into an existing Team. I noticed that the members of the existing Team cannot access the Plan. I was the only member who could see it. Odd right? Anyways I had to become an owner in the new Team and then I was able to add the members one by one in planner. I was thinking it would simply inherit the permissions of the group. I waited a couple days thinking perhaps replicating the permissions but that didn't change. 

Not sure why this occurs. 

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Will this allow a copy to channel at some point in the future?

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Will there be future development within planner to be able to copy either the entire task itself or the checklist portion of the task into a new task?

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can you copy a plan while in the Planner App? Cant see any functionality when trying to incorporate into Teams



When I go to the website version of Planner and Copy Plan, I lose all of my assignments which were made in the Master Planner I developed.  Is there a way to retain the assignments? 


I'm using Planner to develop a monthly Monthend Task Tracker for my accounting department which has a couple hundred tasks we want to monitor over the 5 day closing.  I created a Master Tracker with all the assignments.  Then I the the Copy Plan feature and renamed the copy as the first month of closing (ex., June).  All the arduous work of assignments has disappeared?!?!


When I go to the desktop version and add a tab for Tasks Planner and select that I want to use an existing plan for this team and select the Master Plan, I do get all the assignments.  So I save that as a new name.  But when anyone changes anything in that version which was saved based on an existing plan, it changes the Master Plan and any previous month's plan.


I need to be able to copy that Master Plan as a distinct new plan but retain the details from the Master Plan AND unlink it from the Master Plan so that each month's activity is distinct (i.e., notes, assignment changes, etc).

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There is a real need to be able to copy a Planner into a channel. Just the same as the current fix where we can copy a Planner into a Team. 

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