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I'm trying to figure out a way to download all tasks in all plans in one time (preferably automated through Flow or if Microsoft Planner (online) has a quick tool that I'm unaware of). Every week, I go to each of the plans I am in (over 70 of them), download each to excel individually, and then save them over the previous file. I'd like to automate this without having to make 70 different flows. Is there a way I can download all tasks from all plans with one flow? It doesn't matter if it's all in one excel versus the 70 separate excels. As long as the data is relevant (i.e. I don't want the rows to say the Plan ID or the Task ID, I want the actual description of each there - flow is tough to work with on this).


Thank you!

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I am unsure if a single flow can export all tasks across seventy plans. If so, you can't get all task fields in it. Simple way is to use third part app to get this done.


I would tend to worry about the (each action is a request ['each group' x 'each plan' x 'each task'] will add up quickly) and possibly a timeout on the Flow.

However, this is totally doable within Power Automate.

Basically you would need to use:

Essentially, you're creating a nested 'Apply_to_each' like below:


which results in:



Hi! When I put the apply to each, list plans it request the group ID. I'm a little confused on which value I should input there.

Hi @Santhosh Balakrishnan 

Could you please kindly recommend some third party tools that can achieve this goal?