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Hi all,
We are happy to announce the beta availability of Apps4.Pro Planner Manager today. This desktop app allows users / managers to plan and manage their plans efficiently and saves more time.


We are proud that Apps4.Pro Planner covers most of features users have requested in Microsoft Planner and extends Microsoft Planner to next level. With Apps4.Pro Planner, you get the power of Microsoft Project Online in Microsoft Planner.


List of features included in this beta
- Planner reports with advanced filters and grouping
- Gantt chart for Planner
- View tasks assigned to an user across all plans
- Import / Export tasks using excel
- Edit multiple tasks at once


For more details and to download beta visit below link


Gantt Chart for PlannerGantt Chart for Planner



Planner Reports with Filters and GroupingPlanner Reports with Filters and Grouping


View tasks assigned to an user accross all plansView tasks assigned to an user accross all plans 


Export / Import tasks using ExcelExport / Import tasks using Excel



Bulk update tasksBulk update tasks




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