Tasks in Teams mobile is rolling out to everyone
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We're excited to report that Tasks in Teams for the Teams mobile app is rolling out to all users in non-government clouds. The rollout starts today and will be completed in about a week. You don’t need to download anything new to use the Tasks mobile app: simply select the More (…) option in the Teams mobile app interface on your iOS or Android device and tap Tasks. The Tasks mobile app will automatically appear in that menu once it’s available to you.


Tasks in Teams, which became generally available in October, lets you manage your team tasks from Planner and individual tasks from To Do alongside all your chats, meetings, and files in Teams. If you’ve added Tasks in Teams to your Teams desktop client, it’ll automatically appear in your Teams mobile app, too.




The Tasks mobile app comes with all of the same tools you use to manage Planner and To Do tasks on desktop, including features like attachments and labels in Planner task cards and checklist items in To Do tasks. The biggest difference is how you see your tasks: whereas the Tasks app for desktop offers four different views (Board, Charts, Schedule, and List), the Tasks mobile app surfaces your tasks in the List view only. On a mobile device, this makes it easier to quickly skim all your tasks at once and click into those assignments for more details.


Of course, you can create, edit, and complete tasks in the Tasks mobile app, and you’ll receive and prompt all the familiar notifications, too. All changes in the mobile app are reflected in both Tasks in Teams on desktop and Planner or To Do, depending on where the task lives.


Just like Tasks in Teams isn’t replacing Planner, the Tasks mobile app isn’t replacing the Planner mobile app for iOS and Android, either. Each serves its own purpose: we’d suggest using the Tasks mobile app when you need a compact overview of all your tasks, and the Planner mobile app when you want to manage your collaborative plans in the Board, Schedule, and Charts views.


Don’t see Tasks in your Teams mobile app yet? Hang tight. The app will be rolling out this week and next, so by mid-December everyone should see it.


We’re gearing up for several announcements in the coming months, so keep checking our Tech Community Blogs site for all the latest news. And if you have feedback or ideas for Tasks in Teams or Planner, leave us a note on UserVoice.


Bonus coverage! Have you noticed the darker side of Planner mobile yet? In case you missed it, dark mode for the Planner mobile app was released in October. Dark mode will turn the app’s background black and the text white, which can be easier on the eyes, especially at night.


There’s no setting in the iOS app to enable dark mode; instead, the Planner mobile app will inherit whatever display option you’ve chosen for your phone. To switch to dark mode, select Settings > Display & Brightness > Dark.


The same is true on Android, but you can also turn on dark mode in the Planner mobile app itself. To change displays for your phone; select Settings > Display > Theme > Dark. To change displays in the app, tap Settings > Theme > Dark.

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