Where is the New Outlook Switch?

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It seems the Jan 11 release has removed the New Outlook Switch at all. Seriously? You guys know that the New Outlook is missing tons of features, right?

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@ParshantSlathia  The "New Outlook" option is not on the Outlook pulldown menu and the "Revert to Legacy Outlook" is not available on the Help menu. I seem to be stuck in the New Outlook on my Macbook Pro. I am on Monterey version: 12.7 (21G816) running Outlook 16.80. 


New Outlook needs rules to be effective and for 4 - 5 years of trying to jam this crap down our throats, and likely 10's of thousands of messages to MS about the rules, they still have not gotten it working in the New Outlook... but instead have once again removed the ability to revert back. 

Can you help?  Without the options available in the interface to revert, how do I fix this mess?

Thanks in advance!!

It is not showing up on mine. I have a windows PC