Where is the New Outlook Switch?

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It seems the Jan 11 release has removed the New Outlook Switch at all. Seriously? You guys know that the New Outlook is missing tons of features, right?

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THANK YOU!  Crisis averted. Going back to the classic view, got my fingers crossed that the new Outlook will eventually have feature parity with the old version . . . @ParshantSlathia 

Thanks for sharing that! I am delighted to retain access to the "legacy" view a bit longer. I am spending more time in the "New Outlook", but I still finding myself switching back to "legacy" often.
Thanks a lot for sharing the tip !! Lives were salved with that !!

I updated and switched to new outlook on Mac, but now found lot of functions missing want to switch bank to previous version and now the switch is missing ????? how can Microsoft do such a thing 

Yes this worked and thank you Prashant

Thank you my hero (lol) I was dying trying to figure out the switch back! @ParshantSlathia 

@manmanjiao New Outlook is horrible. I can't even format my email properly in a convenient manner. There's no format and font tool bars. What is happening here Microsoft?


Solved..  New Outlook drove me crazy.  Took ages to receive attachments to messages.  As if attachments were coming on the next flight.


Check "New Outook" to use the new outlook.

Similarly, in the new outlook, uncheck "New Outook" to revert to (g)old 




I don't have "New Outlook" item in menu, and I don't have it in Help or any other menu. All my emails are lost! Version: 16.64

They will not be lost if you were using POP. They remained stored in your laptop until you switch back to Legacy and that is the most annoying part. MS has not learnt from the mistakes so far and seems like MacOS is not their priority. But we in this forum will definitely help you if you are still having problem.

@ParshantSlathia?. I searched for the REvert to legacy outlook in search bar and the only thing that came up is "this is retired" Help?!



nope. doesn;t show it there?



As of 02-08-2023, there is no way to sort emails (From, Received, Subject, etc) by clicking a name. An no way to revert back to Classic Outlook that I can find.  This is Microsoft's Cyberpunk 2077 moment.



"Help" does not have these options.



I am in macOS Ventura 13.2.1 using Outlook 16.71

Are you using an older version of Outlook?




@BarbarianCoderNot using MAC and generally use Outlook 365 (always current version). However when I want to forward an article to someone else a different Outlook (general) pops up. Tried switching to new version and it barely works. Wanted to switch back to the previous version and previous version link was not available. I was able to use the following to get rid of it:


Note: As we will be closing the app, please copy the following to a Word or Notepad file for reference.

- Close New Outlook.
- Press the Windows key + R key together to get the Run window. Copy/paste the location below in the Run window > OK.


- Once the folder opens, please look for a file named 'Settings', and then delete it.
- Now, please try re-opening the Outlook app and let us know the results.


New version of Outlook is sorely inadequate and only partially functional.


This article, "How To Switch Back To the Classic Outlook View" is helpful.


This "How To Switch Back To the Classic Outlook View" article is very helpful. https://clean.email/blog/email-providers/outlook-classic-view#:~:text=Click%20the%20Outlook%20menu.,....

Its useful information thanks to @ParshantSlathia 


This helped me retain my sanity (and will help you revert back.)