Forwarding emails from POP/IMAP email to outlook

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I have a work email (POP/IMAP) that I would like to forward to my new outlook account. But from all the dozen tutorials I watched this seems to work only from an outlook email to other emails. The add rule button does not appear for my POP/IMAP email, neither does it appear for my Gmail account, both connected to my Outlook app. 


At the moment all my work emails are forwarded to my gmail account and everything works fine. I would like to switch from Gmail to Outlook to make use of all Outlook features. At the moment features like schedule email, integration of To Do and others are not available to non outlook accounts.

Unfortunately it seems like this is not possible, or did I misunderstand something? I don't have the option to also create a work outlook account. So I rely on a simple forwarding from POP/IMAP mail to outlook, a simple option available in Gmail but not in Outlook.


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