Where did my focused inbox go?

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We had Focused inbox activated in our First Release tenant two weeks ago, our users have started to switch over from Clutter and activated Focused Inbox (we have a lot of Mac Outlook users  who were blessed by Microsoft to start using it early) suddenly today Focused Inbox just disappeared and started a complete mess in our users inboxes. What is going on? Are we alone?

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You are not alone, we've also had Focussed Inbox disappear for Outlook for Mac 2016.


Our current version is 15.4 (170404).



Following a call with MS support, we actually just tried rebooting the Mac, and then restarting Outlook, and the Focussed Inbox function and option on the Organise tab has reappeared.


Outlook is showing version 15.34 (170404).




It suddenly reappeared in my Mac Outlook today, without any restart and reboot.. Still spooky as focused inbox in OWA still missing (nothing under "Display settings") and no focused/other.
I really don't like the way MS is managing this roll out.

Agreed, it's been a tough roll out!  I think we just have to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt with whatever technical issues they are facing but I would have loved to have seen more transparency.