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Outlook is committed to providing you the best experience wherever you access it. We are happy to share with you the NEW Outlook experience on mobile browsers. To use Outlook on a mobile browser, just launch the browser of your choice on your smartphone and type the URL outlook.office.com or outlook.com, once you’ve signed in, you’ll land in the new Outlook mobile web experience. You can also add a shortcut to your homescreen and launch Outlook with a tap.




We built this new experience with lots of new features, that enable you to connect, organize, and get things done.

Stay on top of your inbox 

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Now you can stay on top of the important things in your inbox. With the new Focused inbox setting, Outlook helps you sort your emails so you get to the important ones first. You can also identify the senders faster with avatars and quickly assess if you need to take an action on them. Swipe actions and bulk triaging your emails are also a lot quicker and easier, and don’t worry if you accidentally move or delete an email because now you can also undo your actions. Now, it’s easier to stay in control of your inbox!


RSVP to your meetings from your inbox

RSVP from inbox.png

We have re-defined the inbox to be a place where you can get things done on the go. So now you can respond to meetings straight from the message list. Events will now have an RSVP button for you to respond to them and you’ll be able to check for conflicts too.


Search across Mail, Contacts, and Events

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Have you ever struggled to find an email, document, or someone’s email address? The new unified Search breaks down the silos across Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Regardless of where you start your search, you can see results across Outlook and take actions on them. We’ve also improved Search to give you better and faster results, and if you’re not really sure how to start your search our zero query suggestions will help you out!


The all new Agenda view and quick event creation

Agenda view.pngQuick event create.png

Outlook is where most people start their day, both to check messages and how their day looks like. To help with this, we’ve built a new way of viewing your meetings and commitments with the Agenda view. The new Agenda view has a refined information architecture that makes it easier to quickly view or manage your calendar regardless of how packed it is. If you are having a slow-meeting day, you can now easily view events across days and when it is packed, you can quickly scroll to look for events on different days. This new view also highlights the meetings happening “Now” and the Upcoming meetings so that you do not miss them.


We’ve made it easier to put down a reminder with the new quick event creation workflow. Just tap the plus icon on the top and in three clicks you have an event created. This is perfect for when you want to put down your meetings and appointments on the go!


Compliance and Security

Outlook on the mobile browser respects your organization’s compliance and security policies, it supports major server and client-side policies like modern authentication, conditional access, session management, retention, eDiscovery and content search, auditing and reporting and a few more. We are working towards supporting classification, labelling and protection policies.


You can use conditional access policies to control how Outlook is accessed through a mobile browser.


Helping you work from where you are

workspace booking.png

We are making it easier to work and connect with your co-workers anywhere your phone has connectivity. You can add online meetings by default to all your meetings so everyone in your team feels included. You can also choose to end meetings a little early to give everyone a breather before the next one starts.


As some people and organizations move into a hybrid work setup, we will soon roll out workspace bookings so people can book individual spaces in an office building. Workspaces allows an admin to set an office space (floor, meeting room, desk, etc) and limit the time and number of people who can book it at the same time. Learn more about workspace booking here.


Outlook in a mobile browser as a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are enhancing web applications and we are committed to delivering an awesome PWA experience through Outlook. As a PWA, Outlook will look and feel like a native app and bring you some of the rich functionality that native apps provide like notifications, seamless transitions, share targets for files and quick launch.


You can add Outlook to the home screen so you can launch it quickly the next time without going to the browser. Very soon you will also receive web push notifications so you can stay on top of your important emails and events. And with web share targets you can quickly share a file on your device through Outlook on a mobile browser.


Compose and reply to emails faster

Text predictions.pngRich text editor.png

Composing and replying to emails on a mobile device is not always the easiest task, but we are adding AI to your compose and reply experience to make it easier and better. With suggested replies, Outlook will intelligently suggest responses so you can reply in a couple of clicks! You can always edit the email before you send it, so click on that suggested reply and add the rest of your ideas.  Suggested replies will also suggest to schedule a meeting if needed.


With text predictions, Outlook will help you type your emails faster so you save some effort on those thumbs when you’re on the go, and with the rich text editor we’ll bring some of the formatting capabilities that you find on richer clients.


We hope that you try and enjoy the new Outlook on a mobile browser and as always, we love reading your feedback and it helps us prioritize our work. Please keep telling us what you think through our UserVoice channel.


We can’t give out stickers at Ignite this year but feel free to download our free digital give-away from here and be sure to also check out more about Outlook and Bookings at Microsoft Ignite 2020


Thank you!

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