From-name not working when sending E-mail from Outlook UWP app.

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The Outlook Mail app for Windows 10 Mobile (and Windows 10 Mail, the pre-installed Mail app on the PC version of Windows 10) all suffers from the same bug.


The app doesn’t honor the “Send your messages using this name” setting. Instead it sends mail with just the email address as the sender. (The recipient doesn’t see “Firstname Lastname” when receiving mail sent from the Outlook app. Instead they just see


I’ve verified that the problem occurs on IMAP accounts, including Gmail, as well as some Exchange Activesync accounts. Email accounts from Microsoft seems to work fine however (i.e.,,


As a result, some emails get lost due to being blocked, while some are registered as spam and are being moved to the recipient’s spam folder.


What’s worse no one seems to be doing anything to fix this. The bug has been in place since summer. The app has been updated countless times since then but still no fix in order. In fact, no one seems to even acknowledge that there is something wrong.


I know this is probably not the right forum for this, but it is my last resort.


Before posting this here I’ve tried to contact the Outlook support via chat, hoping they could escalate it up to the devs, but the support technician didn’t understand me and wanted me to contact the German company B2X which has recently been appointed to handle Windows mobile customer support. (Even though this affects the PC version of the app too.)

I’ve also tried posting this in the Outlook Uservoice, but the moderator deleted it. (My (now deleted) Uservoice suggestion/bug report: )


I’ve compiled a list of bug reports from other users. Both from and from the Windows 10 Feedback Hub. (This bug is affecting far more people than the number of bug reports indicate though. When I asked around about this on the Swedish Windows Phone Facebook group, it turned out everyone using IMAP had the bug. (They just hadn’t noticed it until I asked them to check.)



Can you guys please check this out?




A compilation of bug reports from other users:


From (July 2016) (August 2016) (September 2016) (September 2016) (November 2016) (November 2016) (January 2017)



From Feedback hub:





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Update: For anyone interested, I got a response from Caitlin Hart (the senior program manager for the Outlook and Windows 10 Mail apps) on Twitter on Feb 9th, that they're looking into this issue, and that she'll post again when the have a build number where the fix will be available. 


Also edited the original post with one additional report from


Fix is apparently going out to insiders soon. :) 


Update from Microsoft:
"The fix should be going out in a Windows update to Insiders soon, but I need to figure out which flight it will be captured in before I can give a better ETA".

The reason for the delay is that the bug have turned out to be outside of the Mail app,  so the fix will be pushed out in an entirely new OS build as opposed to an app update from the Store.

Thank you to Lynn Ayres & Caitlin Hart at Microsoft for taking the time to provide me with this information.


"For the fix of from-name issue in #Win10Mail check Windows build 15042/3 flighted today" - Caitlin Hart




Thanks for letting me know. So it's going to get to non-insiders in about a month?

I wonder if they will also fix the other two bugs that I told you about...



The fix has been available for Windows Insiders in the Fast and Slow rings since 2017-02-24 and builds 15042/3 (Creators Update builds).



The Creators Update (and the fix) will begin rolling out to non-insiders on April 11  (PC) and April 22 (Mobile).


PC users can install the update starting today using the Windows 10 Update Advisor.



Not sure about those other bugs though. :\

Thanks! one bug at a time...