Outlook 2021

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Hi Support,


Kindly help, When i search anything but no result found, try many step but still same



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1. Try to rebuild the indexing, File Options, Search, Indexing Options button
Indexing Options > Microsoft Outlook, Advanced Button, Troubleshooting: Delete and rebuild index, Rebuild Button
2. make sure windows search service is running.
3. Check also this, at the latest pages there are the fix.


previously was ok, was not getting the correct search I want, so I use the rebuild button.


After using the rebuild it gets worse, and now no search.



If you go to Search, Search Tools, Indexing status whats appears?


the indexing status written, indexing completed, but i check still no search, but i found a solution recommeded by the community, it works. lol . atleast something come out.. not perfect , but ok.



but still show something went wrong and your search couldnt be completed,, alot bug with mircosoft search function.