Out of Office Replies

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I've never used out of office messages. In fact, I hate them. I've been on the other side of the world and still checked my emails.


However, next week I will be in a situation where I will have absolutely no internet access for 72 hours. I'd like to have an out of office reply. However, I am on a few Listservs and I don't want my OOO message to go to the list. I already have a few dozen Inbox rules where Listserv and other newsletters skip my inbox and go directly to a separate folder.


How do I set up OOO so it only goes to things that come directly to my inbox and not to the world?


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When configuring OOO, you can set rules similar to Inbox rules. You need to use the Outlook desktop client for that though. Go to File > Automatic replies > Rules (on the bottom) and configure them as needed.