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I have been using Microsoft 365 for years and have been very happy with MS Outlook (before there was Outlook with a new logo and  Now I'm being asked to have my email sent to New Outlook where my existing contacts and calendar will not be available.  New Outlook seems to be very limited and a real step backwards (i.e. no ability to have file folders, reduced file size that can be sent/received, interference with accessing other apps like Zoom).  I've been avoiding making the switch.  What are my options?

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Same with me,
Ive created an archive folder which i keep seperate on an external ssd, I cannot get access to this archive folder with the new outlook,
Same issue with calendar,
It happens with many users first check what mail protocol you are using and to resolve this issue read this -

Or you also can try these step hope it will help you to resolve.
To resolve the issue try this -
1. Go to your Contacts in the new Outlook.
2. Click on the View options button (it looks like three dots) in the top right corner.
3. Select Customize current view.
4. Click on the Fields button.
5. Scroll down and select Company.
6. Click "OK" to save your changes.
Also check Microsoft Forum to resolve your issue -
Hope this will help you.