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I support an older Exchange 2010 on premises server. For the last couple of days Outlook on Android and iOS stopped syncing. If I delete the accounts from Outlook, I am unable to re-add them.


The same accounts can be successfully setup (and sync) in the native iOS mail app, or in the Gmail app on Android. The latest build of Outlook for Windows on remote PCs is also still happily working.


Nothing has changed on the Exchange server, but there was a new version of iOS and Android Outlook released two days ago. I know Exchange 2010 has reached end of support, but I can't find anything about support for it being dropped from the Outlook apps?  In fact when I look in outlook under help it says it support Exchange 2007R2 and above.  


The error message is gives is "Unable to log in".  


I have deleted my phone from exchange, I have deleted outlook from my phone and installed it again.  I have checked my exchange logs and see nothing out of ordinary.   Tried on both wi-fi and cell data.  Nothing is working. 


Anyone else see this and if so have a solution?


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