Weird link preview text in emails in

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The preview generated by outlook of my client's website is weird. It's using some text on the page that is hidden and should only be visible to users who have tried to login from within a restricted country. I would much rather the preview use the pages description meta tag.

Whenever someone using outlook mentions our site in an email, the generated preview looks so unproffessional.

I had a similar problem with search which they have now fixed. I was hoping the fix would flow through to outlook as it uses the bingbot crawler (I think) but unfortunately it hasn't. 

Microsoft 365 frontline support were unable to help me and they suggest I post here. 

Thanks for your time.

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I am having a similar problem with PDFs uploaded to our website that are inserted as links in Outlook (OWA) through the browser. They are inserted with a preview of something random in that PDF or another PDF on the site having nothing to do with it. It is a WordPress website. This doesn't happen if you insert a link in Outlook desktop.