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I woke up today to find the look & feel of my Outlook different. My employer uses the web version. Is there a way to HIDE the ribbon at the top on the web version or at least make the icons smaller? The icons are disproportionally large. I find it super distracting. See screenshot below. Please advise. Thanks so much.


Kim Y.


2022-10-05 10_27_46-Window.png

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I'm wondering the same thing. It's pretty obtrusive and detracts from the simplicity advantage of the web version. Unfortunately, it seems like the designers are trying to make things look more like the clunky desktop style of things.

I'll be following this thread for updates on how to go back to the cleaner, elegant look.
At the bottom right corner of the Ribbon, you see a little down arrow. Click on it to reveal the option to toggle between the Classic Ribbon and the Simplified Ribbon.
Thanks Robert. Unfortunately, this "simplified ribbon" is still more involved and obtrusive than the ribbon that existed for the OWA a few days/months ago (depending on when the update was rolled out to a user's domain).

For insight into the design we're referring to, checkout the screenshots in the following article:
Yes, it contains more commands by default to make it more consistent with Outlook Desktop.

Note however that you can now determine yourself which commands you see and in which order by clicking on the 3 dots ( ... ) on the right side of the Ribbon and then choosing Customize.
Just removed most of the buttons on the ribbon to make it look well...less.

I agree that the latest version takes up too much space.  On smaller screens the amount of real estate dedicated to both the list of emails and the calender simply isn't enough now.


And even on larger screens, there is now an empty grey bar running all the way across just completely redundant.



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Yes, you are correct. Microsoft made changes to the ribbon.  I created several videos showcasing the changes. 


More Changes: Navigation Bar Relocates in Outlook Online - YouTube
This video walks you through where features are moved to in the Simplified View vs where they use to be located in the Outlook Settings. 

How to Customize the Navigation Bar in Outlook Online? - YouTube

This video shows you how to customize and reposition features in the Simplified View. You can not customize the ribbon in Classic View.


Oct 7 Update: Microsoft Addresses Dissatisfied Users on TechCommunity - YouTube

And, if you use Outlook Windows, I created a quick video addressing Microsoft's recent update based on users' feedback.  I show you how to allow more screen space for the Message and Reading panes. 


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Thanks! The videos provide helpful context.