Syncing specific folder rather than whole library

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I code for Python and I found it’s much easier just to map Onedrive to the sharepoint location and use a simple save as follows:




Onedrive takes care of all the permissions mapping so I don’t have to place that in the python code; however, I cannot figure out how to sync just 1 sharepoint folder using the installed Onedrive for Business.  We don't have Office 365 yet. 


When I sync, it syncs the whole library even if I give it the specific folder sharepoint link to sync.  This has caused our reporting computer to run out of space so I had to delete the sync.  Is there anyway around this or do we have to wait for 365?  I am unable to get to any type of settings with what's installed (tried right-clicking the cloud, right-clicking OneDrive in Explorer)


If I just try to map to Sharepoint using a drive letter instead, the mapping loses it's permissions every now and again.

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If you use SharePoint's "Add SharePoint to "OneDrive" feature then you can sync any folder.

Microsoft has warned against using drive letter mapping workarounds. You're going to end up corrupting and losing data by working around the sync client controls on acceptable path strings. I have seen this in the field. Cloud storage paths are more limited than desktop or local server paths. They have to work across every user platform they are running on.

Thankyou but unfortunately we don't have Office365 yet.  Is there any other way to create shortcuts without 365 to the OneDrive for Business?

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There is nothing I can suggest that wouldn't lead to creating a security or data corruption mess. You work around cloud sync mechanisms at your peril.