Announcements for files experiences in Microsoft 365 at Microsoft Ignite
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We’re excited to share the latest and greatest in files experiences in Microsoft 365 at this year’s Microsoft Ignite. At a time when established patterns of work are undergoing seismic shifts, we want to ensure you can not only access and share files but collaborate with distributed teams in real time from almost any Microsoft 365 app.


OneDrive powers file sharing experiences across Microsoft 365. We’re happy to share new capabilities to help you access everything you need, whether you’re working alone on a project, collaborating with your team, or organizing important documents or files.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the OneDrive files experiences we’ll be highlighting at this year’s Ignite (each with its own section below):

  • OneDrive Home re-imagined
  • Nucleus – Offline mode for OneDrive web with auto sync when online
  • Enhanced views in OneDrive Shared: Shared with you, People and Meeting views
  • Share and collaborate with anyone in real time
  • Favoriting your files in OneDrive
  • OneDrive app in Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive now supports Citrix seamless mode
  • Back up your macOS Desktop and Document folders
  • OneDrive sync health dashboard
  • Better OneDrive integration within File Explorer


OneDrive Home re-imagined


We have refreshed the OneDrive Web Home experience to provide you with the fastest time to get back to your files and work. The new OneDrive Home experience surfaces your most recent files along with any activity updates, so you can see everything at a glance and quickly prioritize where to start working. You can also filter by file type (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx, and .pdf) using the buttons at the top of the Recent file list. OneDrive Home also lets you easily create new files and folders. It also suggests files that are relevant for you and connects you to the files that you’ve recently worked on. The OneDrive Home enhancements are planned for general availability in Q1, CY2023. 


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Nucleus – Offline mode for OneDrive web


We are pleased to give you an early look into how the OneDrive web app and Document Libraries are getting offline superpowers with the help of Project Nucleus.


Loading and interacting with OneDrive and large document libraries will get a whole lot faster whether you are online or offline. You will always get blazing fast performance when working with your files regardless of the number of items in the view.


Second, Project Nucleus brings some of the OneDrive sync app’s capabilities, like Files On-Demand, directly to the OneDrive web app. You will be able to keep your files on your device, so they are always available for you when you need them. So, if you are on the move with no internet connectivity, you can continue to stay productive and even be able to open your files in your desktop apps directly from the browser.


2_ProjectNucleus_GIF (1).gif


All changes that you make to your files when offline will get synced to the cloud once you reconnect to the internet. When offline, you will still be able to view, interact, and perform actions like renaming files, changing file attributes, creating folders, and seeing your file activity in OneDrive.


To summarize, OneDrive and document libraries will soon be always on, get even faster, and blend the boundaries between the browser and your local device, and we can’t wait to bring these new capabilities for you to try out. We expect to have these offline enhancements fully available by second half of CY2023. 


Enhanced views in OneDrive Shared: Shared with you, People and Meeting filters


We are also introducing the new Shared experience in OneDrive that will quickly help you get back to files shared by others. In addition, we have built views that are more contextual and human ways of remembering things through people and events like meetings.


The new “Shared with me” view shows files and folders shared across various Microsoft 365 apps so that you can find files shared with you over email, chats, and meetings all in one place. In addition, you can identify updates to your files by using the activity column, as well as leverage consistent filter pills across OneDrive Home and Shared.


Within “Shared” view, we have also added the People filter. So, if you do not remember the name of a file that a co-worker shared with you, you can now find it using their name in the new filter.


You can now also find shared files from a meeting you recently attended with the new Meetings view. This includes all the meetings you've been invited to along with all files shared across meeting attachments, meeting chat, and even meeting recording – enabling you to stay up to date.


These new shared experiences and filters will be generally available in Q1, CY2023. 



Share and collaborate with anyone in real time


In a hybrid world of work, the ability to share files with anyone is critical to ensure people can collaborate easily and stay productive in ways that work best for them. We are thrilled to announce a set of improvements that enhance the sharing experience across all the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

You will now see the new contextual sharing menu in your favorite Microsoft 365 apps. This new share drop-down menu includes new options that are unique per app, making it more personalized for our customers and helping unlock key scenarios for successful collaboration. Contextual sharing menu will be generally available in Q4, CY2022.  


Sharing_1_fixed (1).gif


We want to help you get your sharing settings right from the very beginning of your sharing journey. We’ve made the link settings page a lot more intuitive with clearer tooltips, definitions, and quick at-a-glance view to show you who has existing access to your files or folders. These enhancements in link settings are generally available to you today.




For Microsoft Word, we have introduced a new sharing permission called “Can Review” inside of the permissions drop-down that provides even more control on how collaborators can work together on a document. With Review mode, you can include collaborators to review and add suggestions to the document in the form of comments or tracked changes while maintaining full control of your documents. This new sharing permission is available in Microsoft Word today. 



Favoriting your files


Not all M365 documents are used in the same way. You’ll inevitably have a few that you use every week and some you’ll use occasionally. This is where using Favorites can help you stay organized.


Favoriting files is a great way to mark content of personal importance and can help you to get back to the content you're looking for right away. We have made sure that the favorites experience is consistent across, OneDrive, Document Libraries, and the Files app in Teams by building on top of the existing pinning and favorites experience in Office.


We are targeting Q1, CY2023 to make this feature generally available to you. 


OneDrive app in Microsoft Teams


Beyond a great experience in OneDrive Web, our customers have told us that they would like to access OneDrive from inside Teams. We are excited to share that you can now have the latest and greatest OneDrive Home experience available from inside the Teams app. You will now be able to leverage familiar controls to easily move or copy your file to another library within Microsoft Teams. You can also switch between document libraries associated with specific Teams channels (standard or private) directly in Microsoft Teams and access your files as you would directly in OneDrive and SharePoint.  This is targeted to be generally available by Q1, CY2023. 


8_OD Shared in Teams.png

OneDrive now supports Citrix seamless mode


Users need access and save files to OneDrive even while using remote applications. This feature has long been requested since announcing support on remote desktops, and we’re delighted to announce OneDrive support from Citrix Seamless apps, which is now in Private Preview and targeted to be generally available in Q2, 2023.



Back up your macOS Desktop and Documents folders


We have been in public preview for a few months now and we are excited to announce the public roll out of Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) for macOS by the end of this year. Many users use their device’s Desktop and Documents folders for productivity scenarios. We are happy to say that those folders can now be backed up and synced with OneDrive.




Folder Backup also enables users to access their most important files across different devices and applications with no disruption to productivity, because their content is automatically synced to OneDrive. In addition, this feature will also boost collaboration by enabling users to securely share their data within and outside their organization.


OneDrive sync health dashboard


As an admin, it’s critical to have a high-level view of the health of the OneDrive sync app in your organization. The OneDrive sync health dashboard provides an executive summary of everything happening with OneDrive so that you can resolve common issues quickly. You can see what percentage of devices have sync errors and drill into individual devices, monitor the usage of Folder Backup (Known Folder Move), and view a summary of how many devices are using an out-of-date version of the OneDrive sync app. The dashboard also provides advanced filtering options: you can filter by operating system, sync health, last sync date, and more. Finally, the Issues tab provides an aggregated view of the top sync errors in your organization, as well as the specific users and devices that are affected.


The OneDrive sync health dashboard is currently in public preview and will be generally available in November 2022.



Better OneDrive integration within File Explorer


To help you easily view the status of files that are syncing, we’ve added OneDrive integration into File Explorer in the new Windows 11 2022 Update. When browsing your OneDrive folders, you can now see your sync status and quota usage without having to leave File Explorer.




File Explorer is also introducing a refreshed layout of the left navigation pane which makes it easy for you to navigate to folders that matter to you. The updated organization provides easy access to your OneDrive files. When you navigate to known folders syncing to OneDrive such as Documents or Pictures, the address bar displays the correct path to help bring clarity when your folders are on the cloud vs. when they are local to you.



Learn more


Watch as Irfan Shahdad (Principal product manager – OneDrive) shares OneDrive insights and value, plus a lot of longer-form demos of the above feature announcements as disclosed at Microsoft Ignite 2022:



To learn more, please review the full "Embrace a new way of work with Microsoft 365" on-demand Ignite session (OD23). You can see more of the action on our YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter: @OneDrive.

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