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We were testing a scenario where a second document library was set up on OneDirve for Business. However when we leverage the OneDrive App we don't seem to have a way in switching to the other document library, does anyone know how to do this or if its even supported? Also the new document library does not show on the quick launch section and have not been able to figure out if we can add it as a shortcut, any ideas are appreciated,  Thanks!

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Hi! Your onedrive only works with the default library!
Well, its my recommendation though! You could create others via add an app-> document library! Then press sync on it to sync it!
thank you i was going crazy on how i could access the second non default document library to surface via the OneDrive App. I tried creating a Link off the default library and adding the URL of the second document library. I could see it on the OneDrive App (the link item) but as it was opening the url of the second document library i got challenged again for authentication not the user experience our users would like. Thank you again

Remember once this additional document library is synchronized it'll show up under SharePoint tier on your PC. Only default library syncs to Onedrive location.

You should be able to go to the other library and use the sync button to sync to it, but this really isn't a supported scenario that I would recommend. What are your trying to solve by having an additional library, maybe we can help with other ways of approaching that. 

You should see the library in settings - site content ..
As I said, I do not recommend doing this! Especially since you are talking about several users having this setup :)
As @Chris Webb said, let us know your business scenario and we’ll lead you to the correct path! Not in general life but in terms of O4b!!