OneDrive Internal Sharing for Non Owners

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There needs to be a way of setting this at an organizational level.  I am able to turn off sharing for non-owners via powershell, however it requires me to create a script to connect to each person's OneDrive, and it leaves the "Allow access requests" unchecked.  


Goal: Require any re-sharing to be approved by the owner for the entire organization. 




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Have you tried toggling the ODBAccessRequests setting? Used together with the ODBMembersCanShare one, it should allow you to achieve that.


Or you can always toggle it per-SC via:


Set-SPOSite -Identity -DisableSharingForNonOwners

I have attempted this and it is partially successful.  I am able to globally disable sharing, however, when you set the $ODBAccessRequests="On", it breaks because there is now a new option to set the owner or an alternate email address. The script doesn't select any option for you at all.  It just blanks everything out.


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I guess you can set just ODBMembersCanShare then, ignore ODBAccessRequests.