OneDrive For Business Branding

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Hello Everyone


I'm looking to Brand OneDrive for Business Landing Page for everyone within the company with custom left navigation . I would like to add an additional view apart from Files, Shared and Recent views in the left navigation.


I'm wondering if i have to use CSOM or is it possible via SPFX Extensions. All i need is to inject a bunch of css code on all OneDrives. Any thoughts how could i approach this customization.


Thank you



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I personally don't think it's possible, but curious if anyone else does see this that knows better for the knowledge!
I have never tried, but curious to know if it's possible to install a SPFx in ODFB and in case that's possible if it will work ;)
There really isn't an app store for OD4B to install those extensions thou. Would def. be a power-shell thing if possible. Anyway, it would be playing with fire if anything :). I would just tell higher ups it's not possible and move on lol!

Why are you trying to do this (what's the business driver)?


What additional view are you trying to add?


Like the others, I think you're swimming upstream against a very fast current. 

You don't need an App Store to add your apps in ODFB, just a site collection catalogue ;-)...indeed if you acces the site contents page in ODFB you can add an App so it seems it could be possible to add a SPFx Extension...definitively something to try
Seems like we got a challenge here!

Thanks for all the responses everyone. 


I just saw this reference from Vesa where he mentions SPFX is currently not supported within OneDrive For Business


I was able to add css to MySite15.master but it only updates classic OneDrive.  


@Vesa Juvonen @Stephen Rice  Any thoughts on this issue 



Thanks Kevin. We created a SelfHelpWiki for our OneDrive rollout to help users understand various functionality within OneDrive. It constantly gets updated so we would like to add a link to it on all the User's OneDrive.

How are you applying the CSS to the master page?

Used Sharepoint Designer to make edits


Just did an append on div class LeftNav-sublinks for adding hyperlink to left navigation.





Well, you should avoid to do this, it's not recommended to modify SPO masterpage in that way

Can you please specify why it's not recommended. Thank you

I guess its because its easy to mess things up really