Onedrive anonymous share not work

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I cannot use the onedrive anonymous share.

When users that receives share, they click on the link, the page loads but does not work as expected.

The spinner image on the top never disappears.

If the user clicks on a document nothing happens.

I attach a video of the problemI try to use google chrome incognito mode, same problem :loudly_crying_face:

Does it also happen to you?

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Hi! I’m not experiencing these issues!

Can you replicate this for multiple users?
Does it matter if they click on the link in mail or via shared tab in the browser?


@adam deltinger 

The problem happens sharing a folder.
Try my link with anonymous user:
Same problem if I send the email with share’s link or I copy the link on the right panel in the UI

Same problem with others users 



HI! yeah, cant access the doc!


I tried this myself but can access my share


try mine:


Id suggest creating a ticket with MS also

@adam deltinger 


If I click on your word document a new window open and everything work.
if I click on contextual menu (3 dots near the filename), nothing happens. The page is broken.
The pdf documents are open in the same windows with some javascript action that doesn’t work anymore. :tired_face:
I will ask to msft.
Thanks, and “God morgon” :hugging_face:

Seems you have some kind of customization loaded into your OneDrive that may be causing it not to load without proper permissions and it's hanging up?

@Chris Webb 

If the problem is some kind of customization then it has been installed by @adam deltinger  too because the issue also occurs in its tenant

Try yourself to open the Adam’s link with incognito mode and then click on the pdf document. It Does not open.

It's happening to me too, I have nothing custom!

Seems like a bug. I got Stephen Rice from the OneDrive Team to answer here on this thread:
Thanks chris. I hope they will fix it soon. Bye