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OneDrive for Business Admin centre seems to be broken.  I can sign into all other admin centres without any issues except ODFB Admin.  When I try that it signs me out of O365 immediately.  Anyone else experiencing the same issue.  Have been on the phone with MS for 20+ mins troubleshooting.  No joy so far.

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Finally off the call - they are looking into this now.  Is it normal practice for MS Tech Support to ask for a fiddler trace with HTTPS decrypt? It will send them me administrative password (I'm a global admin).  I didn't ofcourse do this.  The tech had the same issue on their side on their tenant so I told them to get a trace from their own tenant with their own global admin accounts to which they said they need a customer to do this.  Really odd.  I've never experienced this with technical support before.


Just thought I would pass this along since this could seriously jeopardize security for other tenants.  MS shouldn't be asking for this if the password is going to be shown.

This is standard.

I always change the password after I get the Fiddler Trace and BEFORE I send it to the tech.

Good to know - thanks.

Hi @Sam Singh,


We had a service hiccup on Thursday that resulted in OneDrive Admin being inaccessible to some users. That should be all fixed now. If you encounter any other issues, feel free to tag me and let me know. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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