office file download in guest sharing link

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Currently, if I share office file(excel, powerpoint, etc.) to guest, there are no download option, even with editing permission.

Am I right? 


This makes great barrier with co-workers. 


They might want to co-edit with the same file, but frequently they also want to download office file and send copy to their client also.


If I am working with only my co-worker, this should not be a problem, but in realiy I have to work with co-worker's co-worker. In this case, just sharing copy will be better in many case.


I had many problems till now not having download option with guest sharing link.


This is must feature, IMHO. Especially with guest 'edit' permision link.

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No, there is not such an option.

I believe there is a similar request in Uservoice: you can vote for it, if you want.