syncing SharePoint sites with the new OneDrive sync client - Preview IS BROKEN FOR SHAREPOINT SYNC

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I follwoed the process described here:


What I have come to experience is that there is a bug? that causes any office file that you open on the local sharepoint sync directory to give you (in excel for eg):  Upload Failed and promtps you to open a read only copy.


The reason this happens is somehow the sharepoint site is under the impresison that the file you are opening (and its only you - it is not open anywhere else) is already open, hence it locks it and does not permit you to open a write copy - this issue renders this preview UNUSABLE.


If I am not doing somehting correctly, but I have wasted hours and hours and wasted more baincells callling the support techs who know less than I do.  What I woudl love is they are armed by microsoft development that to tell me immediately that there is a known issue so fundamental that unless you are intentionally syncing read only copites of things, this is completely unusable.  I cant be the only person to have experienced this.


secondly, I woudl ike to be notified when this problem is resolved.  I installed the preview client about a week and half ago and it worked great - then all of a sudden this started happening so my theor is an update of some kind has been introduced that had this unintended but essentially deal killing consequence.


This problem DOES NOT OCCUR when you are using the new client for the personal one drive for business. Only when syncing SharePoint sites
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Also, give a look to this support article:

In particular, if everything else fails, try to reset OneDrive (look towards the end of the article).

Article not helpful as it was written before the preview client has come out. Doesn't even discuss it.