SMTP Soft Match & UPN Change effect on OD4B

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I am using O365 id and had enabled Sharepoint Online License for thsi user.

User is able to access its OD4B and have uploaded multiple files and shared it with multiple users.

Now Plan is to use AAD Connect (DirSync) to sync objects from On-prem AD using softmatch.

After Sync , UPN will also change from to

Will User 1 still have access to all its old ODB4 folders and would permisison remain same?


My understanding is OneDrive for business URL is dependent on UPN name, So current cloud user’s OD4B URL would be different after it is merged with On-prem AD Account. So AD User will not be able to access the old cloud user’s OD4B. Also currently there is no way to transfer the ownership of OD4B of one user to another.


Is My understanding correct?

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Yup, your understanding is correct. The user will still be able to access ODFB on the new URL, however any client configured for sync will have to be reconfigured.

Yeap, some of the not good things in Office 365

Thanks Vasil. Your comment "The user will still be able to access ODFB on the new URL", Would new URL have user's old data or is it gonna be a new Blank Onedrive?

Yes, the data will all be there.