KFM Documents Folder Duplication

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I have just been testing the rollout of automatic KFM in a school.

Staff move around computers and so will login to multiple PC's and sync with them. While I have been testing that I have found the following:

When I login to the first desktop for the first time, OneDrive redirects as expected and makes the 'Desktop','Documents' and 'Pictures' folders within OneDrive, like this:


When I log off the first computer and then login to the next computer, OneDrive syncs and redirects the folders, but my 'Documents' and 'Pictures' are empty. When I open the OneDrive folder, I can see two hidden folders which contain the files synced on the first PC. Its almost like its duplicating the folders:


Then if I log back into PC1 I see this (My Documents and My Pictures contain synced files from PC2 now):


When I go into the hidden folders, I can see the documents/pictures I synced on the first PC but they aren't in my redirected Documents or Pictures folders.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to fix it? Its almost like its splitting it per PC I sync with.
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