Ipad only showing "Shared Libaries"

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Have an account that has Office 365 Business Essentials assigned but when I sign in on the Ipad it only shows Shared Libraries? 

I have signed into the account on the web and created a folder but this problem persists. Is it a licensing thing?

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Can you get a screenshot? There should be more than just libraries showing. If you didn’t have a license you wouldn’t be able to go in on web and add a folder.
Was my thought exactly. I've taken a picture on both an Android tablet and iPad with the same problem.

The folder doesn't appear in the app, but it has two items in it that I just made as a test.

It's finally appeared on both devices.. I haven't done anything, I assume then only a delay in the OneDrive service? 

I meant to ask if it was a new account. Many things are taking up to 24 hours to provision lately due to covid system load scale back.
Yes, however it's available in the web interface? Is the mobile app connecting to a different service??
Doubtful. It’s possible when you first tried mobile it wasn’t provisioned and the app cache didn’t update or something. Then later the app closed or finally refreshed / check for updates. Dunno. Odd. Haven’t really seen that before.