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Good afternoon everyone,


I have several Onedrive accounts. When I synchronize them, my computer names them all the same but for a final number: Onedrive - Educacyl / Onedrive - Educacyl (1) / Onedrive -Educacyl (2), etc. I would like to name them in a different way in my computers. How can I do that? I work both with Mac and Windows 10.

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OneDrive for Business uses the Company name. There are (Windows) registry hacks but they leave your files open to corruption. It is never wise to hack with any cloud synchronisation tools. I repeat, never.

Better to ask why you need multiple OneDrive accounts in one organisation. It would probably be better to be using SharePoint.

@Mike Williams thanks for your answer. The point is I have a personal company account and then I manage the general account, a space shared with my colleagues. That's why we need multiple onedrive accounts.

OneDrive is designed for individuals. SharePoint for groups of people. You will not have good security or functionality trying to make OneDrive replicate SharePoint functionality.

Suggest you simply have Two Users for yourself in the Business Account.
One 'Admin@[company domain]' for Administrator and management of MS Business account.
One '[you User]@[company domain]' for you individual User use.