OneDrive Roadmap Round Up - Q1 CY22
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As people adjust to the new normal—whether that’s working in a hybrid environment or going back to an office that’s undergone some changes since pre-pandemic times—we’re continuing to innovate new features and services in OneDrive that make storing, syncing, and sharing files easier, no matter where people are working.

Here are the OneDrive features we’ve released in full or in preview in Q1 of 2022:


January 2022


Files on Demand refresh for macOS (Roadmap ID: 82033)

In January 2022, we released a new OneDrive sync experience in macOS based on Apple’s new File Provider platform to improve the Finder experience for OneDrive. For this latest version of macOS, we updated the Files On-Demand experience to a more native look and feel. You provided some valuable feedback on that release, and we listened: we released an updated version of Files on Demand for macOS at the end of February. Those updates included:

  • Ensuring that “Always keep on this device” works like it previously did before macOS 12.1, so all content with that designation is also fetched into the OneDrive folder.
  • Enabling you to sync all content locally using the Download all OneDrive files now (which closely replicates disabling Files On-Demand) or Download files as you use them (which restores the Files On-Demand experience) options.
  • Improving the experience to when syncing to external drives. (7).gif



Copy link in command bar (Roadmap ID:  88866)

Similar to the "Copy Link" experience in the share dialog, now when you select "Copy link", in the command bar, instead of automatically copying the link with default permissions, you can change the link type and permissions before you generate a link and paste it into the app of your choice.


copy link in command.gif


OneDrive and SharePoint Improved Move or Copy experience (Roadmap ID: 85567)

Now when you move or copy your files and folders in OneDrive or SharePoint, you’ll see a new dialog where you can choose the destination for your content.


Improved move/copy file picking experience.Improved move/copy file picking experience.


Built-in photo editing capabilities in OneDrive for web (Roadmap ID: 88841)

Users can crop, rotate, adjust light, and color or add filter and markup to images saved in OneDrive. After editing the image, if the user wishes to save the changes, the file would be copied as a new jpg file.

Learn more about these features here.


Built-in photo editing capabilities in OneDriveBuilt-in photo editing capabilities in OneDrive


View aggregated errors in OneDrive Sync Admin Reports (Roadmap ID: 85596)

Sync admin reports helps you with insights into what’s happening with OneDrive Sync across the organization. Sorting through errors can help IT proactively reach out to educate people to resolve common issues and improve user experience to help increase OneDrive adoption.

To make this easier, we have introduced the "Issues View" where admins can now view an aggregated snapshot of all the errors across their organization. This feature is in public preview.




February 2022


Known Folder Move support for macOS (Roadmap ID: 82032)

Known Folder Move (KFM) for macOS is now in Public Preview, giving you the ability to keep your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders protected by syncing them to the cloud with OneDrive. Now you can continue using familiar folders to do your daily work and be assured that your data is backed up and secure. KFM for macOS also gives you access to your most important files across different devices and applications because their content is automatically synced to OneDrive with no disruption to productivity. IT admins also no longer need to worry about losing user data if they perform a device refresh; instead, they can configure KFM so all new files are uploaded to the cloud from the start.


Known Folder Move for macOSKnown Folder Move for macOS


Sync client support for Apple Silicon (Roadmap ID:82035)

In February we announced the availability of a highly requested feature: you can now run OneDrive sync for macOS natively on Apple silicon, enabling OneDrive to gain the full advantages of performance improvements in Apple silicon.





Library Dropdown (Roadmap ID:81990)

We’ve added a dropdown to OneDrive and SharePoint that allows you to easily switch between multiple document libraries associated with a Teams team channel or a SharePoint Site, giving you faster access to the files you need most and helping make your days more productive.


Sync Activity Center visual update (Roadmap ID: 88954)

The Activity Center has received a refresh to more align with the Fluent Design language. This visual update applies a modern look with rounded corners for Windows 11 providing easy access to the recycle bin and settings.




March 2022


Sync client support for ARM on Windows (Roadmap ID : 82182)

Now the OneDrive sync client runs natively on Windows ARM-based devices.


Organize your “Add to OneDrive” shortcuts (Roadmap ID: 82166)

Now you can organize your 'Add to OneDrive' folder shortcuts the way you want by moving them into any private folder you create in your OneDrive.


Move Add to OneDrive shortcuts in your own private foldersMove Add to OneDrive shortcuts in your own private folders


Learn more and stay engaged:


We hope you’re as excited as we are about these new features. We continue to evolve OneDrive as a place to access, share, and collaborate on all your files in Office 365, keeping them protected and readily accessible on all your devices, anywhere.

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Thank you again for your support of OneDrive. We look forward to your continued feedback and hope to connect with you at another upcoming Microsoft or community-led event.



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