Apple silicon support in GA and KFM for macOS in Public Preview
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OneDrive sync for Apple silicon now GA


We’re excited to announce that OneDrive sync for macOS will now run natively on Apple silicon. This means that OneDrive will take full advantage of the performance improvements of Apple silicon.


We know this has been a long-awaited and highly requested feature, and we're delighted to make it generally available starting with build 22.022. Users will be automatically updated over the next few releases. If you are running the Standalone app and would like to install the Apple silicon version sooner, you can download the latest build from the OneDrive release notes for Mac.





Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) support for macOS now in Public Preview


We are thrilled to be rolling out another top feature request - Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) support for macOS to Public Preview

App version 20.033 will be required for the Public Preview.


This implies that people using OneDrive on macOS Monterey 12 will be able to move their Desktop and Document folders to OneDrive.  We have Users can continue accessing folders they’re familiar with to do their daily work and be assured that their data is backed up and secure.


Known Folder Move for macOSKnown Folder Move for macOS



Folder Backup (Known Folder Move) will also enable macOS users to access their most important files across different devices and applications with no disruption to productivity, because their content is automatically synced to OneDrive. In addition, users will be able to securely share their data within and outside their organization, increasing collaboration.

If admins of organizations decide to perform a device refresh, they don’t need to worry about losing user data. For new machines, Known Folder Move can be configured from the start, so all new files are uploaded to the cloud. This is great for organizations as it increases user engagement with OneDrive, and admins can easily protect files with enterprise-level security and compliance that comes built in.
IT admins will be able to use preferences to encourage Mac users to perform Known Folder Move to keep their files backed up and protected, or they can use a silent property to automatically move content in the Desktop and Documents folders to OneDrive.  Here are examples of the preferences in the .plist file:


Prompt users to move known folders to OneDrive:



Silently move known folders to OneDrive:



If you want to opt-in certain folders during Silent opt-in, please set these preferences in addition to the KFMSilentOptIn key:





If you want to display a notification to users after their folders have been redirected.<key>KFMSilentOptInWithNotification</key>


Prevent users from moving their known folders to OneDrive (1 will prevent KFM, 2 will redirect previously KFM’d folders back to the user’s device in addition to preventing KFM):

<integer>(1 or 2)</integer>


Prevent users from redirecting their known folders to their Mac: 



This update will be available to all Mac users running macOS Monterey 12.1, enabling you to also keep your personal files in your important folders (Desktop and Documents) synced, protected, and available on other devices, and there’s no extra cost (up to 5 GB of files without a subscription). So even if your device gets lost or damaged, you won’t lose your important files when they are synced to OneDrive.



  1. This preview will ONLY be available with our Standalone app.
  2. This preview includes Desktop and Documents backup only. We are exploring supporting more folders.
  3. To enable the preview, please join the Insiders ring and navigate to OneDrive Settings > Backup.
  4. To send feedback, please navigate to OneDrive Activity Center Help & Settings > Send Feedback.


Thank you for reading about OneDrive,

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