OneDrive needs your attention...


We have one person who's OneDrive sync takes hours (it says it is syncing 100Ks of files, but he doesn't have that many) and then ends with a warning: OneDrive needs your attention.  Remove files from all locations?  You recently deleted 13908 files or moved those files out of your OneDrive folder on this device. Do you want to remove them from OneDrive and all shared libraries?"  He hasn't move anywhere near that many files from the original folder, nor has he deleted them.


Searching the web shows others with the same issue, but I haven't found any fix.  Is there one?







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Users always never move or do anything. Seen it happen often where they get drug around a sub folder synced to onedrive and they don't realize they moved large amount of files. If the user recently synced successfully and just had this happen recently, I'd check OneDrive online and see if their files look in tact, if so I wouldn't go through with the move. Stop syncing or sign out of onedrive, backup that folder somewhere and then resync back to your computer. Then depending on size of their documents, I'd backup on usb device or something just in case they had a sync file get missed etc. and can recover. Also I'd check the recycle bin make sure a bulk of files didn't just get removed recently as well, you might need to make use of the Files restore feature to restore the onedrive back to a point in time.

@Paul Long Also check that no one has shared SharePoint doclibs or other OneDrive folders to him.

@Mike Williams This item is open in another program close it to sync