Problem with redirect and move Windows known folders to OneDrive on second pc

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we are using the following OneDrive feature in my company:

Redirect and move Windows known folder.


The configuration with GPO works fine but there is a problem.

The automatic move and redirect works fine on the computer that it is first deployed on for a certain account, but we have problems when the same user logs on another computer.


When I log onto other computers with that account a OneDrive error message pops up: “OneDrive needs your attention”


When I click on the following message OneDrive functions correctly:



We tested it on many computer and we would like to use OneDrive for 350 users.


Some user do not see the PopUp and ignore the important message.


Do you know a way to avoid the message so the redirect and move works silently?

Its very important in my company.

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Hi @Stephan Oede 

Silent deploy is available in Config Manager OneDrive Business Profile deployment. Which means it is supported by latest OneDrive Client. You can use Config Manager if it is in action in your case otherwise you can use GPO.


Annotation 2019-05-23 155831.png



According to this article you have to configure three group policies to achieve Known Folder Redirection through GPO. 


However, if you cannot find these policies on your DC then you have to follow these steps to get the latest OneDrive.adml and OneDrive.admx files. Once you have these files on your DC and then you would be able to configure these three policies.


I would recommend you to download the latest OneDrive client on a Windows 10 device and then follow this article to copy over OneDrive.adl and OneDrive.admx files to your DC.