Any way to move the Outlook search bar back where it belongs?


I mean, I can see why you would want to cram it up in the corner of the title bar - gotta save that precious UI real estate (for ???) but it covers the ribbon and is now farther away from the content its searching. Is searching no longer an important function? If so, somebody should tell Google.



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@James McCarthy 


Completely agree - this is a shocking update to outlook....

This new location is quite annoying.  Looking forward to an answer from Microsoft.

I just love when they change things that were just fine the way they were.


You're hardly the first person to complain, but sadly that's a decision coming from the top and it's very unlikely to be reversed. Just in case, go vote on UserVoice.

@James McCarthy  FWIW I wrote an article a few weeks ago about this change - a few complaints, a comparison of the pros and cons, plus some snarky digs at Microsoft. See if this helps put things in context: The Outlook Search Bar Is Changing, Whether You Like It Or Not. (You Won’t Like It.)

@James McCarthy I would suggest you run beta or monthly preview channel and / or using "Coming soon" toggle in Office apps to know beforehand about coming changes your users will face in the future releases. :) BR, Ruslan 


They did both. The Insiders version had it and the feedback was allround negative. Exactly the same complaints as you see now. Yet MS just ignored all that.
The Coming Soon feature was used too. But a lot of people (myself included) do not see that. I even never heard of it. Also a lot of people do not know what it is when they get it, think it is some kind of MS advertisement thing so it is ignored or disabled.

I do use a lot the search bar and it’s completely annoying that now is far from the messages you are looking for, bad change from Microsoft :(