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Here are some queries, it would be great if someone can answer them

1) How can we convert AppX package to MSIX? Is is possible using MSIX packaging tool as I don't see MSIX packaging tool considering AppX as type of installer or do we have any Commandline for this, if yes then please share.

2) One of my App-V to MSIX converted package is not working as expected, AppV has the VFS permission enabled and same is the reason for application to function properly, how can we achieve this in MSIX? It does not throw any error but images fail to load, hence file/folder redirection is not the key here.

3) Does MSIX support context menu if not then are we going to have this in future updates?

4) App-V package contains desktop shortcut but once converted to MSIX, shortcut does not appear. 

5) If an application installs/registers font then is this supported in MSIX?

6) If an MSIX package is edited then the signing for the same package doesn't retain nor we have the capability in MSIX packaging tool to sign the package again, is this something going to be addressed in further releases?

7) Do we have any option to create MSIXBundle in MSIXPackaging tool? 

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Here is some information, but many of the questions need to be answered by Microsoft.


2) I assume you are referring to the VFS checkbox in App-V to allow files in VFS to be overwritten using a copy-on-write method.  Currently MSIX has no such setting, and a file redirection shim doesn't do what you want today.  I have suggested to Microsoft this be addressed, but they have not yet decided.


3) Context menu would fall under the umbrella of Shell Extensions.  I do not believe this is supported at this time, and Microsoft has not (to my knowledge) publicly commented on if support will be added in the future.


4) You'd probably have to provide specifics of the target field of the shortcut to report that bug.


5) Like #3, I don't believe that is supported, but when I reported it the response from Microsoft was that it was on a todo list.  Obviously not a promise it will happen, but likely.


6) I haven't pulled down the release version of the tool yet, but it is possible that you'll find it fixed there.

Thanks Tim for your response, It will be good if Microsoft addresses these. For point 6, I think they have fixed this in version 1.2018.1005, the one which got released couple of days back.

For #1, there is no real need to convert a .appx file to MSIX. If the app is already working under .appx you'll get all the platform benefits and more backwards compatibility.

#3 we have commented more OS extensibility will be coming in upcoming releases. I do not specifics on this one to share further right now however.

#5 Fonts are in the backlog, right now they are not in scope for the next Windows release.

#6 Was fixed in the latest update

#7 Nothing in the packaging tool since it not a workflow where you would convert both architectures on the same box. We are working on some command line docs to create the bundle of an x86 and x64 packages from the SDK.

John Vintzel
Program Manager Lead, MSIX

Thanks John, do we have any update on #2 and also AppPath Logic seems not to be working, are these also in backlog?